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Easy Tithe is jam packed full of features to provide you the best application at the best price. We make it easy for you to receive online donations, build custom registration forms, and view all the results within our reports.

PC, Tablet, Mobile Giving

Giving Application Features

  • Customized Interface

    Our graphics experts will customize your giving application to exactly match your colors, branding, and identity.

  • Debit Cards, Credit Cards, eChecks (ACH) - It's Your Choice

    We can customize your solution so you can accept what you want to accept. Would you like to allow donations by Debit & Check Cards, while not accepting Credit Cards? No problem! Online giving isn't one size fits all.

  • Mobile Giving

    Easy Tithe Mobile Giving App

    Easy Tithe Mobile Giving App With Easy Tithe, mobile giving is a snap! Our mobile giving web app is perfect for all phones and mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry & Android devices. You can also use QR Codes and/or your organization's PURL (Personal URL) to help expedite the giving process. Try it yourself, scan the QR Code on the left, or test drive the Easy Tithe Demo on your tablet, smart phone or desktop computer!

    We can even give you a custom icon. Examples below:

    Online Giving App
  • iPad Giving Kiosks

    Easy Tithe Giving Kiosk

    Our custom designed kiosks were developed for your donors and are available at your option. They are easy to use, easy to administrate, and very affordable. We offer wall mounts, counter top and free standing floor mounts to suit your needs. Get more information on our giving kiosks here.

  • Unlimited Funds/Campaigns

    You can easily customize your giving application so donors can designate their donation to any of your funds or campaigns.

  • Debit/ACH Only Giving

    Need an online giving solution that limits transactions to debit cards, check cards, and ACH (online checks) only? Your solution is here. We can set up your account to automatically decline credit cards if you wish.

  • 24 Hour Turn Around

    Many of our churches have integrated Easy Tithe in less than 24 hours. Most organizations are up and accepting donations in 1-3 days.

  • Pledge Tracking & Management

    Encourage giving by launching our Pledge Management tool. Donors can easily submit their pledge online and Easy Tithe will track their progress, and provide valuable reporting to the church manager.

  • Unlimited Users

    We won't nickel and dime you like nearly every other provider out there. Whether you have 50 people donating online or 50,000; we won't charge you more just because you have more.

  • Automatic Recurring Donations

    Your users can easily activate automated recurring donations. They also will have the ability to activate multiple automatic recurring donations so they can designate their automatic gifts to separate funds.

  • Reports

    You will have access to virtually hundreds of reports. Most of the reporting you need will come right from your Easy Tithe control panel, where you can view a range of custom reports by person, transaction, fund, even within a specific date range. You will also have access to graphical reports of monthly trends, current automatic recurring giving, forecasting, and more!

  • Security

    Easy tithe adheres to the industry's strictest security requirements. Concerning PCI & DSS Compliance Security, intrusion detection, and SSL transaction security, our team and data center goes above and beyond the required procedures. Read more about our security here.

  • Facebook App Integration

    Want to accept donations through Facebook? We have an app for that! Simply add the Easy Tithe Facebook App to your organization's Facebook page, and your donors can click to donate directly from your Facebook page and from their own Facebook home screen.

  • Data Export/Import

    Do you need to import donation data into CCB, ACS, Shelby, TheCity, HelpMate, PowerChurch, Church Office Online (Church Membership Online), Servant Keeper, QuickBooks, By The Book, or some other system? No problem! You let us know how you want the data, and we'll set up a custom import/export profile just for you, for free.

  • Optional Donor Pays Fees

    An additional free option at your disposal is to politely ask your donors to add 2%-3% to their donation to help cover the processing costs by the card issuing banks (Visa, MasterCard, etc.). This option adds a line item to your donor portal and when selected by the donor, automatically calculates the addition to their donation.

Get even more insight into your congregation

  • Efficiently organize your congregation, memberships, and prospects.
  • Promote involvement in church activities with our communication tools
  • Track your giving statistics and trends
  • Monitor attendance statistics
  • Mobile and Tablet integration
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Dynamic Form Features

  • Custom Form Builder

    With our dynamic form generator, you can easily build forms to accept registrations (and payments) for events such as Kids Camp and Women's Retreats, or free forms for items such as volunteer applications and prayer requests. The possibilities are endless!

  • Form Reports and Results

    We give you the ability to view each form result individually, as well as viewing a master chart of all form responses.

  • Email Notifications

    You can assign each form a unique email address to receive notifications when a form is submitted.

  • Custom Pricing Options

    Our dynamic forms have the ability to have a base cost, as well as the capability of assigning additional dollar values to individual questions and answers.

    Ex: Would your child like a camp T-shirt?

    Yes (Add $12)
    No (Add $0)

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Text Donations

Easy Tithe is proud to offer our proprietary solution for text donations. Unlike most providers, text giving on our custom developed platform settles donations to your organization's checking account in just 2 - 3 days. Gone are the days of waiting on cell service carriers to cut you a check 60+ days after the donation!

Since Easy Tithe issues your organization a private phone number, your donors will simply text an amount to your unique number, and they are finished in seconds. No short codes, no complicated instructions, just one phone number.

Easy Tithe makes Text Giving as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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  • “Easy tithe has been a great resource and has help drive people to our new website. As a result they are telling there friends about it and our traffic has increased immensely. Just in online giving we have gone from 700.00 the first month to over 5,000.00 in the 3rd month. Thanks Easy Tithe!”

    Nate H. | Executive Pastor | Medina, OH

  • “EasyTithe has been the simplest, most powerful integration for online giving to our website. Our church is approximately 250-300 people and its been one of the best tools yet. Its far better than anything weve seen or tested before, and now, we couldnt do without it. Highly, highly recommend this program!!”

    Matt S. | Administrator | Wharton, TX

  • “Easy Tithe offers us all of the benefits of online giving without the hassles of maintaining the service. They take care of the maintenance and security aspects of the interface for us. Job well done!”

    Christopher G. | IT Systems Engineer | Hilton, NY

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