Grace Connection Card
Grace Connection Card
The Connection Card is for use by regular attenders at Grace Community Church. If Grace is your church home in HI, please provide the following information for you and your family.
Is this an update of previously submitted information? If YES, fill in only that data which is changed; for other *required fields state 'no change.'  * 
Are you a part-year resident in Kona?  * 
If YES, please indicate the months you are normally in town (i.e. Jan-Apr, etc.)
For part-year Kona residents only: Do you wish to be included in our church directory?
First Names, Birth Dates, occupations, cell phone #s and e-mail addresses of adults in household: * 
If married, MM/DD of your wedding anniversary:
First Names, (M/F), Birth Dates (MM/DD/Year) of minors living in household. If "none", so indicate: * 
Household mailing address & home phone #: * 
Do we have a current picture of your family for the directory? 'Current' means one which is within the past 18 months.  * 
If not, you may e-mail a JPEG to or arrange for her to take one at a convenient time on a Sunday morning.
Anything else you'd like us to know about you or your household?
If you have questions while completing this form, please call Tracey Hamilton, our Ministry Assistant at 326-9580
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