VBS Lunch 2019
VBS Lunch 2019
VBS Volunteer Lunch
**Offered to those who are working during VBS.
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Lunch Prices are as follows: Adults $3.00 per day. Kids (2-12 years) $1.50 per day/per child. Maximum per family: $40.00. Full week’s menu is as follows:.
Monday's Menu: Kids & Adults: Hotdog, Chips, Fruit & Drink
Tuesday's Menu: Kids-Nachos, Fruit & Drink. Adults-Taco Salad, Fruit & Drink
Wednesday's Menu: Kids-Sandwich (Ham or Turkey), Chips, Chocolate Chip Cookie, & Drink. Adults- Sandwich (Ham or Turkey), Pasta Salad, Chocolate Chip Cookie, & Drink.
Thursday's Menu: Kids-Pizza, Dessert, & Drink. Adults-Pizza, Salad, Dessert, & Drink
Friday's Menu: Kids-Cheese Quesadilla, Chips, Dessert, & Drink. Adults-Chef Salad Bar, Dessert, & Drink
How many adults and children are eating lunch this week?
If you are not eating all week with us, please note here the days you will be joining us and how many adults and children are eating each day. Thank you
On Wednesday, we are serving ham or turkey sandwiches. Please note in the box how many of each sandwich you are needing.
Family maximum payment is $40. If that doesn’t allow to you, please click OTHER and note the amount you are paying in the box below.  * 
If you chose OTHER, note the amount you are paying. $ 
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