Student Survey
Student Survey
FBCNB Education Ministry would like to be supportive of you in your educational pursuits. To that end, please complete the following brief survey to assist us in those efforts. Answering these questions is optional, but would be helpful in our efforts to support your academic experience. Thank you!
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What is your preferred method pf communication? (Select all that apply)
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Expected Graduation Date (Month/Year)
Please list following:
--- Closest grocery store
--- Closest discount store
--- Closest drug store
--- Favorite or closest restaurant
--- Favorite snacks
Please complete as appropriate
Do you have any food allergies? If so, please list them
What are your likes (e.g., sports, music)?
What is going well for you at school? Note your accomplishments
What issues or concerns regarding your educational experience do you have?
Please list anticipated future endeavors (e.g., graduate school)
What other kind of support would be helpful to you?
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