Raise the Roof Commitment Card
Raise the Roof Commitment Card
PLEASE NOTE: This form is the "Raise the Roof Commitment Card" only and does not require any payment at this time. It is simply a personal step of faith.
After prayerful consideration, I believe God has called me to commit to one of the following:
1) A commitment to a weekly gift of this amount (for 156 weeks):
2) A commitment to a monthly gift of this amount (for 36 months):
3) A commitment to an annual gift of this amount (for 3 years):
4) A commitment to a one time gift of this amount:
Name:  * 
Date:  * 
Your commitment will remain anonymous and no one will follow up. We will total up all the commitment cards and celebrate this first step of faith together at the Harvest Banquet.
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