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How to Turn Year-End Gifts into Recurring Gifts

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    Lesson #1

    Why Recurring Giving

    Uncover what recurring giving is and why it’s the key to cultivating generosity and better budget forecasts.

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    Lesson #2

    How Recurring Giving Works

    Learn how givers set up recurring gifts and admins manage those gifts.

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    Lesson #3

    How to Grow Recurring Giving During Year-End

    Explore best practices to introduce and grow recurring giving during year-end.

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    Lesson #4

    How to Promote Recurring Giving

    Check out how to promote recurring giving to reach all of your people.

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    Lesson #5

    How to Create a High-Performance Recurring Giving Program

    Discover the secret to create a thriving recurring giving program that grabs attention and cultivates generosity.

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    Free marketing material

    Enjoy email templates, a communication calendar, and much more to help you save time and spread the word about recurring giving.

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