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What Is A Church Giving App?

Passing the collection plate on Sundays will always be an important aspect of collecting church tithes and offerings. But in today's highly connected digital world, there are many more convenient ways to boost church offerings than having patrons reach for their purses and wallets.

easyTithe's mobile giving app is the future of church tithing, and it can dramatically change your church's financial outlook. More than 75 percent of Americans own smartphones, and many use their smartphones to pay bills and manage their finances. easyTithe's mobile giving app makes it convenient and easy for a congregation to make electronic tithes to their churches using iPhone or Android-based smartphones – after app download, it's as simple as completing a few screen taps.

Electronic giving for churches is on the rise, and implementing easyTithe's powerful online and church mobile app equips more of your congregation with the power to simplify and increase their one-time and recurring tithing. easyTithe's mobile giving app also can be used to increase giving for church fundraisers through instant donations, regardless of whether patrons attend the fundraiser or are located elsewhere.

More than 15,000 churches already use easyTithe's online church management software to manage their online giving. Our mobile giving app is another powerful tool to provide for church members so they can set up one-time or recurring tithing directly from their phones.

Does An App Increase Church Donations?

Tithing is crucial to church livelihood, as well as for a congregation to express its gratitude. But regular once-a-week church attendance – and tithing -- is declining. The Pew Research Center reports that regular church attendance dipped 3 percent from 2007 to 2014, and attendance falls even further in summer months as churchgoers schedule vacations, weekend outings and day trips. That's less of the congregation tithing regularly, which compounds the fact that only 3-5 percent of Americans who give to their local churches do so through regular tithing.

easyTithe's mobile giving app keeps member engagement high by proving a simple means for recurring giving, even on days when churchgoers aren't in attendance. In the past year, mobile giving rose 205 percent, and nearly two-thirds of all churchgoers say they would be willing to give to their churches using a digital platform. Churches that have adopted mobile and online giving have seen overall donations rise by 32 percent.

Mobile fundraising is but one method churches can use to increase opportunities for recurring giving. easyTithe provides a full suite of flexible and customizable fundraising tools that make it easy for members to tithe, including:

  • Donations directly through church web sites

  • Text-to-give

  • Giving kiosks for church lobbies

  • Facebook donations directly through your church's Facebook page

These additional touch-points, working in conjunction with traditional methods of collecting donations, provide churches with the ability to offer a streamlined user giving experience that leads to increased donations and member engagement – and engaged church members are more likely to give consistently. Although the collection plate still has its place in a congregation, the smartphone makes giving easier and is a natural extension of countless technological advances we enjoy as a society. It also can help your church avoid lower tithing amounts due to seasonal dips in attendance and missed contributions.

All this is done in an incredibly secure digital environment. easyTithe is a Level 1 Certified PCI Compliant Service Provider, meaning it adheres to the card payment industry's highest standards. Member credit card, banking and personal information is encrypted using the strongest methods and technologies available to eliminate the possibility of extracting this sensitive member data.

Who Can Use Mobile Tithing?

Thousands of organizations have already deployed easyTithe's online platform to boost member giving and generosity. It's a great solution for churches and ministries to enable increased giving opportunities when church members are at their computers.

easyTithe's mobile giving app enables an entire congregation to give anytime, anywhere. It can be used by the entire church community, from tech-savvy Millennials to older church members, and in all places of worship.

For Millennials and Gen-Xers, easyTithe's mobile giving app meets them where they already are – 92 percent of Millennials (ages 22-37) and 85 percent of Gen-Xers (ages 38-53) own smartphones. The majority of Baby Boomers (ages 53-70) also have also embraced technology -- 67 percent own smartphones. Android and iOS devices are an indispensable aspect of modern life – especially for young adults and teens, with 95 percent of teenagers using smartphones.

More than half of all mobile phone users already handle the majority of their banking needs through their smartphones as well, primarily because mobile banking is extremely convenient and easy. It's the same for mobile giving – easyTithe's mobile banking app allows church members to establish one-time or automated recurring payments. The entire church community can make more consistent tithes to the church, which allows churches to more accurately and reliably predict their giving revenue stream.

easyTithe's mobile giving app is available for free as part of easyTithe's online giving platform.

How easyTithe Benefits Your Congregation

  • Free signup and download.

    easyTithe's mobile giving app is free to church members.

  • Availability.

    Available from the App Store or through the Google Play Store.

  • Usability.

    Works on both iOS and Android devices.

  • Free mobile giving.

    Members are not charged any fees for giving.

  • Anytime, anywhere.

    Church members are free to give 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Ease of use.

    Tithes can be made in seconds with just a few screen taps, and members can easily update payment information and payment frequency.

  • Tracking and giving history.

    Church members can track donation amounts and donation history. Useful for tax reporting.

  • Recurring giving.

    Stores member payment information, such as credit and debit cards or ACH payments.

  • Bank-level security.

    Powerful 256-bit encryption provides the strongest level of protection available.

  • Powerful user experience.

    Members can conveniently give more often, which increases member engagement with their church.

How easyTithe Benefits Church Leadership

easyTithe offers many tools that empower church leadership to better control and manage data from online giving.

  • Customized reporting.

    Church management can generate literally hundreds of different reports straight from the easyTithe control panel, including individual giving, monthly giving trends, recurring giving amounts and forecasts and many more. We make it simple for church and ministry leaders to organize and review giving data and trends.

  • Full integration.

    Data is easily imported into popular church management software systems such as PowerChurch, Church Office Online, Church Community Builder, as well as with church accounting software.

  • Increased fundraising opportunities.

    Customized reporting allows church leadership to better plan for and meet targeted goals for church fundraising events and key giving campaigns.

  • Increased giving opportunities.

    Customized reporting allows church leadership to better plan for and meet targeted goals for church fundraising events and key giving campaigns.

  • Low fees.

    Members are never charged for giving. Transaction fees are as low as 1.99 percent. easyTithe puts as much of member donations into church coffers as possible.

How to Get Started with easyTithe

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Mobile, text, kiosk and online giving are the future of church tithing. Members benefit from increased convenience, and church leaders benefit from increased giving participation, financial reporting and forecasting, and member engagement.

Get started with easyTithe today and ignite generosity and giving among your congregation.

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Testimonials & Reviews

Over 15,000 churches trust easyTithe with their online giving.

  • I love easyTithe! So many of our members are using it. It prevents long lines at service and members can give anytime 24/7.

    Nicole N.

    Administrator | Phoenix, AZ

  • The name says it all. easyTithe is the best decision we have made when it comes to online giving and member tracking.

    Bobby A.

    Pastor | Houma, LA

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