easyTithe Online Giving Helps You Create Valuable Reports for the Contributions and Gifts Your Church Receives

At easyTithe, we know when reporting is clear and precise, you reduce admin burden and can increase giving. If your current reporting system is over-complicated and difficult to use, you may find it daunting to muddle through.

So, ditch the complex files and excel sheets that were once used for tracking reports.

With all your information in one place, you’ll be organized, reduce stress, and complete daily tasks faster!

easyTithe allows you to create thousands of different custom giving reports.

Since most Churches have common specific needs, these standard reports are just a click away:

  • Chart Graph Gears icon

    Auto reports

    Confirm giving activity daily, weekly, or monthly with a report sent automatically to the email address of your choosing.

  • Document icon

    Transaction reports

    Access the most recent donations, and provide receipts and refunds when necessary.

  • Piggy Bank Coin icon

    Deposit reports

    Assists in reconciling the batch deposit amounts you receive to your bank account.

  • Chart Graph icon

    Canned reports

    Pull customized reports based on your selected date range.

  • Cycle icon

    Auto-donation reports

    Obtain all recurring giver information.

And to make it even more convenient, we’ve added:

easyTithe makes it simple to customize reports (and graphs them for you). It’s easy to see specific days, weeks, and months that your giving changes throughout the year.

  • Export Up icon

    Data export

    Choose a data profile for the export you currently use (or create your own custom data export)

  • Piggy Bank Receipt icon

    Donor contribution statements

    Select all or specific donors to receive printed or emailed reports (you choose the timeframe)

Why suffer through manual entries, when you can access automated reporting?

easyTithe works with a wide variety of Church Management Solutions, maximizing your efficiency and giving you more time for ministry.Why not avoid errors like double entries and missing or duplicate information? Instead, get accurate records and easy to reconcile batches. Seamless integrations make all of these benefits possible.

Even if your ChMS comes with an online giving option—that doesn’t mean it’s the best or easiest to use. Often, the options are limited, clunky, or hard to navigate.

Don’t compromise on digital giving features anymore.

With seamless integrations, the information you need from the multiple ways to give stays organized and lands where it’s supposed to in the ChMS.

By accessing easy-to-use branded donation pages, text giving, mobile apps, kiosks, and other giving tools from easyTithe, you empower your entire church to give anywhere, anytime.

easyTithe is compatible with the following Church Management Software:

  • HelpMate
  • PowerChurch
  • ACS Technologies
  • TheCity
  • Church Community Builder
  • Servant Keeper
  • QuickBooks

Don’t see your preferred ChMS? Just let us know, and we’ll do our best to add it for you!

easyTithe’s control panel is straightforward and simple to use

The key to staying organized and understanding church giving patterns is as easy as accessing our control panel for running reports. From the Dashboard, you can access:

  • Clipboard Chart

    Detailed reporting

  • Search

    Donor Information

  • Forms

    Simple to use forms

  • Safe

    Total yearly volume

  • Doc Signed

    Donor sign-ups in the present year

  • Money Bag

    Avergage donation size

  • Chart Graph

    Number of scheduled donors

When you access canned reports, customize the report by person, fund, transaction, and more. Or, select from year-to-date, last month, last year, month-to-date, and so on.

Also located on the Dashboard is the Giving Overview graph and All Time Giving pie chart.

These are clearly labeled and easy to interpret. Look at the graph and pie chart as a whole to gain a better understanding of yearly donations. Or, you can hover the cursor over a specific month to break down how tithes were made via mobile app, online, text, or kiosk.

Beyond what’s listed above, we provide churches with tons of other helpful resources to ensure you get the most out easyTithe!

Cut ties with digital clutter and get organized by taking advantage of easyTithe’s reporting features!

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