Seamlessly create and manage your store

Experience an easier way to sell your church's products.

Included with most price plans, easyTithe provides you with a free online store interface.

Customize your logo, choose your colors, and launch your store as soon as you are ready. Your easyTithe control panel will allow you to manage product details, descriptions, images, and all the items necessary to cleanly display your catalog of products.

You can control shipping charges, allow for inventory management, and easily manage incoming orders and mark them for shipment or pickup.

Sell books, T-shirts, DVDs, and much more!

Stock your online store with popular items that churchgoers love to buy for themselves and give as gifts. Your church can focus on a handful of items or fill many product pages. Because easyTithe’s online store is simple to manage, you’ll be able to add and remove items with ease. And there’s no shortage of products to feature!

  • Books & Bookmarks

  • Coffee Mugs & Gifts

  • Apparel

  • CDs & DVDs

  • Birthday & Christmas Cards

  • Jewelry

  • Tote Bags

  • Journals & Pens

Highlight new and favorite church products

Highlight new products for the church whether it’s the latest sermon series on DVD or seasonal apparel. Also, feature those favorite items that are beloved by churchgoers near and far. When someone buys goods from your church’s online shop, they’re doing more than making a purchase—

they’re connecting with you on a deeper level.

Often, you’ll discover more people shop at your online store than attend church because it can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Whether people are away for summer vacation, holiday travels, or life simply gets busy, your online store is convenient view from tablets, laptops, and other devices.

Keep visitors on your website

Don’t send your church to a third-party website to buy their favorite products. When visitors are redirected—it’s distracting. They may not return to complete other activities like giving on your donation page or checking the event calendar.

With an online store from easyTithe, your ministry stays on your site. This not only makes their experience with your church’s online store better, but it improves their overall experience with your website.

Raise awareness about your church

Spread the word about your church’s mission with an online store! By providing your members with a way to buy products, you’ll expand your reach. Apparel, tote bags, and other products that display your name are great ways to increase awareness.

Others in the community will see the church’s name when members carry your coffee mug at work, wear your t-shirt at their child’s soccer games, and read your books at the park. Soon, your church’s name will be showcased on products throughout the faith community and inspire new visitors!

Further your church’s vision

By selling products that reflect the ministry’s values, you can raise more funds to put towards furthering your vision. These additional funds help when the church needs building renovations or vehicle repairs, as well as for outreach events and mission trips.

When you make it effortless for people to shop for their favorite church products, they’ll be more inspired to do so. They’ll see the value of the item beyond the physical because it connects, educates, and furthers the church’s mission.

With easyTithe’s online store, it’s incredibly simple to sell church products online.

But, don’t take our word for it. See for yourself by taking a demo to learn more or signing up today!

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