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An increase in giving or your money back

We're so confident that you'll succeed with our complete digital giving platform—we guarantee it.

At easyTithe, we guarantee your church will see (at the very least) a 5% increase in annual giving in your first 12 months with us.

If you don't increase giving by 5%, your monthly software fees for that first year are free.

Increase Your Annual Giving Today

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Join the many churches that have increased giving after implementing our digital giving solution!

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Offer Details

If your church doesn't see a 5% increase after fully implementing easyTithe's digital giving solution, we'll cut you a check for the software fees.

Here's how your church can qualify for our giving increase guarantee:

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    Use easyTithe as your sole online giving provider

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    Provide current giving levels in approved format

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    Launch Giving within 60 days of integration

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    Attend (at least) 1 success coaching call and adhere to our Ministry Success Plan

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    Keep us informed of any changes that could affect your account

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    Within 30 days after your first 12 months, submit a claim of your eligibility for the guarantee

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    Complete at least 1 email marketing campaign to existing and potential donors to promote giving via easyTithe

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    Be a new customer or previous customer who has not used ET for at least 12 months

easyTithe's Giving Increase Guarantee is our promise to churches that we don't just provide complete digital giving solutions—we partner with you to help increase giving and further your mission.

How much can your church increase giving?
Let's find out!

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Terms and Conditions

EasyTithe Giving Guarantee Terms and Conditions

By [clicking the "I Agree" button/clicking "submit" on the form below] for the EasyTithe Giving Guarantee promotion ("Giving Guarantee"), you ("Customer") certify that you have read, are authorized to agree to on behalf of your organization, and do hereby agree to, the terms set forth below (the "Giving Guarantee Terms").

  1. Subject to EasyTithe Terms of Service. Both the Giving Guarantee and the Giving Guarantee Terms are subject to the EasyTithe Terms of Service ("EasyTithe Terms") that you acknowledged and agreed to when you created an EasyTithe account (found at These Giving Guarantee Terms are intended to be ready consistently with and in concert with the EasyTithe Terms. To the extent that the Giving Guarantee Terms are incomplete or contradict the EasyTithe Terms, the EasyTithe terms shall prevail.
  2. Customer Requirements. To qualify to participate in the Giving Guarantee, which begins on the date Customer agrees to these Giving Guarantee terms and concludes twelve (12) months after such acceptance, Customer must:

    1. Be in compliance with all EasyTithe Terms and these Giving Guarantee Terms at all times during the Giving Guarantee.
    2. Provide acceptable confirmation of Customer’s giving receipt total for the prior twelve (12) month period, which will be accepted as the "Base Giving Level" at EasyTithe’s sole discretion. The Base Giving Level can be demonstrated by providing certified copies of exports of Customer’s giving database or ChMS system, financial accounting software, and/or P&L statements. All such documents must be verifiable as accurate according to a third-party provider.
    3. Be a new customer or a previous customer who has not used EasyTithe for at least 12 months.
    4. Remain an EasyTithe customer during the length of the Giving Guarantee.
    5. Begin using EasyTithe within sixty (60) days of agreeing to these Giving Guarantee Terms.
    6. Use EasyTithe as the sole and exclusive online giving provider for the length of the Giving Guarantee.
    7. Participate in and complete required Giving Guarantee customer success program, including:

      1. At least one (1) Coaching Call with an EasyTithe Success Coach;
      2. The addition of a Giving URL to Customer’s website in a prominent locations; and
      3. The completion of at least one (1) email marketing campaign to existing and potential donors to promote giving via EasyTithe.
    8. Not experience any material changes in operation or condition, including, but not limited to, sale of substantial assets or merger with another entity, liquidation, cessation of operation, significant leadership changes or significant, unexpected decline in membership.
  3. Giving Guarantee Rebate. Customer is entitled to a rebate of all Service Fees paid by Customer during the twelve (12) months of the Giving Guarantee, not to exceed in any event eight hundred dollars ($800.00), if the following conditions are met:

    1. Customer satisfies all Customer Requirements above for the duration of the Giving Guarantee.
    2. Customer’s giving receipt total during the Giving Guarantee does not increase by at least five percent (5%) over the Base Giving Level.
    3. Customer notifies EasyTithe, in writing, within thirty (30) days after the Giving Guarantee that it is entitled to the Giving Guarantee Rebate that includes a detailed explanation and supporting documentation that demonstrates such entitlement. Customer can satisfy this obligation by emailing supporting documentation to, or faxing to 214-206-9143. If Customer fails to provide notice within (30) days after the Giving Guarantee, all rights to the Giving Guarantee will be forfeit and void.
  4. Additional Terms.

    1. The award of the Giving Guarantee Rebate, including the sufficiency of Customer’s evidence of right thereto, is subject to EasyTithe’s discretion, and can be withheld if EasyTithe believes that Customer failed to use reasonable best efforts to increase its giving receipts total during the Giving Guarantee, provided inaccurate or misleading documentation to support its claims, or otherwise acted in any manner inconsistent with the spirit of the promotion.
    2. Giving Guarantee Rebate will be made in the form of a check mailed to Customer within thirty (30) days of EasyTithe’s acceptance of Customer’s proof of qualification for the Giving Guarantee Rebate.
    3. These Giving Guarantee Terms may be updated from time to time and such changes shall be effective upon Customer’s continued participation in the Giving Guarantee.