How First Baptist Church used easyTithe to Reduce Administrative Work and Increase Year-Over-Year Online Giving 56%

First Baptist Church in Douglas, Georgia is celebrating their 125th church anniversary, and we couldn't be happier for them!

Since their foundation in 1893, the church has grown and progressed while always holding true to their core values.

Trish Payton

Recently, we caught up with Trish Payton, First Baptist's financial secretary, to see how everything's going. It was over 6 years ago First Baptist partnered with easyTithe as their online giving provider. They saw a need for an online giving option then—and today it's even more impactful! Trish explained:

"Over 800 people attend, and we see more youth coming back. We have to adapt to them and easyTithe has been the greatest attribute."

We asked Trish to tell us a little more about her experience with easyTithe. Here's what she shared.

Save Time By Using the Help Desk and Admin Features

"The reporting features are a favorite," Trish said. They save her time and are very user-friendly. If a donor has a question, the information is easy to access. She also appreciated that posting contributions is simplified on her end because she just puts in a date and pulls up all the transactions she needs. We then asked Trish if she utilized GivingHelpDesk, which provides access to our support team.

"Yes, I use the Help Desk! Any time that I do, I just create a ticket, and the response is excellent. I can handle the problem and take care of it quickly."

Increase Giving With Younger Generations

First Baptist noticed that younger generations are inspired by a more convenient and modern way to give, and easyTithe provides that. With a mobile giving app and branded giving pages on their website, First Baptist saw an increase in gifts from young people.

"The younger generation doesn't have checkbooks or cash. What they have are their credit or debit cards, or their cell phones, so we've seen an increase in giving for that particular age group, which is college students to 30-year-olds."
Recurring Giving icon

Grow Recurring Giving One Day at a Time

Before easyTithe, First Baptist Church didn't have a recurring giving option. While church members and visitors could consistently give, it was on them to remember to decide the amount each time and then actually bring the gift to church. If someone missed a Sunday service, there was a chance that gift was lost. With recurring giving from easyTithe, it's simplified.

"We have seen more people beginning to give online, and because they have chosen the recurring giving option, our giving has been consistent and increased in that area."

We asked Trish if recurring givers were happy with easyTithe's giving experience. Trish said the one-time set up is simple and gifts are incredibly easy to manage.

Since adding the option on the website, people just sign up!

What's next for First Baptist Church?

When we inquired what was next for First Baptist Church after their anniversary celebration, Trish explained that for the last 2 months, they've been having problems with the building.

"We are doing some major renovations in the church. Of course, we were founded in 1893! There will be a large campaign, the Storehouse Fund, and that's where our contributors can donate to help restore the church.

Because easyTithe has an unlimited funds feature, Trish says they'll create a fund just for renovations. They'll highlight it on their website and use the resources provided by easyTithe to help spread the word!

For 125 years, First Baptist Church has persevered, prayed, and grown as a pillar in the community. easyTithe is blessed to be part of that journey and looks forward to the continued partnership for years to come.

easyTithe is proud to provide software that helps the mission and needs of First Baptist Church.

If you think easyTithe might be the right solution for your church, give us a call or take the next steps below.