Collect offerings and donations through
Text Giving

With your church's own unique number, text giving is simple, secure, and convenient for givers.

Simple Giving

2 Steps to donate

Text Giving allows your donors to give in seconds by selecting your church's unique 10-digit giving number and following 2 easy steps:

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    Enter your gift amount
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    Press send

It's that simple!

Maximum Compatibility

Your church in every person's pocket

Churches and organizations using easyTithe Text Giving love the simplicity and convenience it provides their donors, enabling users to text donations in a matter of seconds. Text Giving is offered as the most convenient giving solution for your ministry.

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Since day one, easyTithe has paid for itself. Its especially great for our members under age 35.

One Low Price

Text giving is simple, secure, and convenient for givers.

Accepting donations through text is easier than ever before. With more people engaged in generosity, your church can focus on growing staff and furthering your vision.

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Churches love the convenience our text giving provides

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So many people tell us how much they LOVE this feature to text to give because there is a huge percentage of this generation that do not carry cash or checks anymore.
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Discover the real impact of Text Giving for your church

See how people can set up and use Text Giving, and calculate the value it can bring your church in our interactive demo.

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