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  • EasyTithe is very easy to set-up, and it provides a great mobile platform for our givers making it quick and convenient to give and support the church mission.
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Our Knowledgebase - EasyTithe Customers have access to a large Knowledge base of support documentation and help. The easyTithe system is straightforward to learn and use but we don't see that as an excuse for not having top notch documentation.

  • What is easyTithe?

    EasyTithe makes accepting online tithing & donations for your church/organization as easy as checking your email. At the click of a button, contributors can login and manage their giving profile. In less than 30 seconds they could set up a one time gift, set up an automatic recurring donation, and view their giving history.

    At the same time, EasyTithe provides your staff an array of powerful reporting tools. You can view online giving trends, weekly or monthly reports, and even set up custom reports and campaigns.

  • How do I use easyTithe?

    We have created a demo for you see how easyTithe works. Please go to our Demo page to learn more.

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  • What easyTithe products are available for my organization? has created and assembled a variety of tools and strategies to make use of electronic giving such as the following:

    1. Online giving (variety of forms)
    2. Kiosk giving
    3. Text giving
    4. All types of forms (Events & Registrations)
    5. Live support for account help
    6. Church Online Store
  • Regarding transactions, how soon does the money go into the church's account after you take out the transaction fee?

    Money from Credit Card/Check Card transactions are deposited into the church's account within 2-3 business days. Money from ACH (e-check) transactions take a few days to be deposited into the church's account. The reason for the delay in ACH is for verification that the funds are there, whereas Credit Cards/Check Cards have real-time validation of availability of funds.

  • Who is liable for card information and cleaning up the mess if a cybertheft takes place?

    If was at fault for a data breach, then we would be liable. Only recurring transactions have the credit card or bank account information stored within our system. Only 20% of transactions were reoccurring, and thus would have credit card/bank account information stored. Also, Credit Card Companies and Merchant Account providers take a great deal of precautions to protect their accounts and provide assurance against fraud. All single transactions are processed over a 128 bit transaction encryption from the users’ computer to the merchant. Once the transaction is done, all sensitive data is immediately deleted upon processing. If a hacker did get in to the system (say they stole a high level password) they would still have to find the data, and then if they did come across the data it would look like a big pile of garbage. They would then need to decrypt this pile of garbage and if (big IF) they are able to decrypt it, they have a pile of numbers they would need to match up with names and addresses stored in a separate place before they would be able to charge a card. You can rest assured that if there is any kind of credit card fraud it will not have happened on our end.

  • What happens if there are insufficient funds in a payment?

    Credit Cards/Check Cards do real time validation to ensure availability of funds. ACH does not. If an ACH request is processed and there is NSF, there is a 3.00 charge. This is charged by the ACH merchant account provider, and we do not have any control over this rate.

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