Accept Text Donations with easyTithe

  • Donors can text your own 10-digit number in seconds
  • Makes giving easy on-site or on-the-go
  • Only $5/month along with your regular giving plans
  • Increase givers' ability to donate from anywhere

Ways to Give

Churches and organizations using Text Giving with easyTithe love the simplicity and convenience it provides their donors, enabling users to text donations in a matter of seconds. Text Giving is available with every price plan for the best giving solution for your ministry.

  • Equip donors and admins

    With Text Giving, donors can give one-time or set up a recurring gift. They simply text your unique 10-digit number, type in the amount they wish to give, and hit send! They can also select a specific fund to donate towards. Admins can seamlessly track and manage these gifts from their dashboard.

  • Simple Pricing

    We keep pricing simple and straightforward, so there's no guesswork involved. At only $5/month with your regular giving plan, you equip donors to give in seconds from wherever they are. Plus, you inspire people from all generations to give!

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  • Unique 10-Digit Number

    When you sign up for text giving, your church is assigned a unique 10-digit number. This number is different from your church's phone number. Donors simply save the number in their phone and can give in seconds anytime, anywhere. It only takes 2 steps to give via text!

Add Text Giving to any plan for only $5/month

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