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Flexible pricing plans to best fit your church

$10 /month
$29$0* /month
$49 /month
High Volume $25k/month or more
Transaction Fee3.0% + $0.39 Flat2.6% + $0.39 Flat*2.09% + $0.39
Tiered rates will apply
Start Up Fee$0$0$0$0
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Recurring GivingCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
More Info Mobile GivingCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
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Monthly Minimum$10 $0$0$0
More Info MinistryOne (optional)+ $39 /mo+ $39 /mo+ $39 /mo+ $39 /mo
More Info Text Giving (optional)+ $5 /mo+ $5 /mo+ $5 /mo+ $5 /mo
More Info Kiosks (optional)+ $19 /mo
+ Hardware
+ $19 /mo
+ Hardware
+ $19 /mo
+ Hardware
+ $19 /mo
+ Hardware
Security FeeIncludedIncluded$10 /mo$10 /mo
ACH / eCheck1.0% + $0.39 per transaction.75% + $0.39 per transaction.75% + $0.39 per transaction.75% + $0.39 per transaction
Daily SettlementsCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
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PCI Level 1 - Security Certified Provider

*On the $49/month plan, some cards, such as American Express, are more expensive to process. In the event an accepted card costs more to process than your plan's transaction fee, the processing fee for that transaction may be slightly higher. American Express is typically the most expensive card to accept, around 2.8%. Our system's historical data tells us that you can expect 10% to 30% of your donations to come from these types of cards, if you choose to accept them.

**Offer valid for new customers only. Standard processing fees apply. Your church must receive $100 in gifts by 8/31/2019, or monthly fees will revert.

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  • No Contracts
  • No Batch Fees
  • No Reporting Fees
  • No Statement Fees
  • No Customer Service Fees
  • No IRS Reg. Fees

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