Accept Text Donations with easyTithe

  • Donors can text your own 10-digit number in seconds
  • $0/month along with your regular giving rates
  • Makes giving easy on-site or on-the-go
  • Grow giving by increasing members ability to donate from anywhere

Add text giving to any plan for only $0/month

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easyTithe offers a true text giving experience

Churches and organizations using text giving with easyTithe love the simplicity and convenience it provides their donors, enabling users to text donations in a matter of seconds. Text giving is offered with every price plan for the best giving solution available to your ministry.

True In-Text Giving

easyTithe Text Giving

Having In-Text Giving means donors can simply text your church or organization as simply as entering the amount of a donation and pressing send directly from where they text in their phones.

Simple Pricing

Simple Pricing

FREE for a limited time along with your regular giving rate, accepting tithes and donations through text giving is easier than ever before. This means more of your donation goes to your church for building funds, ministry work, growing staff, and more!

Dedicated 10-Digit Phone Number

Dedicated 10-Digit Phone Number

We will issue your organization a dedicated local 10-digit phone number that your donors will be able to save and text donations directly to you in a matter of seconds.