Why Choose easyTithe?

  • Lower Fees Put More Money On Your Bottom Line
  • More Features like Automatic Recurring Donations, Custom Giving Pages and Forms, Mobile Giving and More
  • Support Included with Every Plan

easyTithe is Different

Ministry focused donation solution that is so much more than simply moving money from A to B

It’s Easy!

easyTithe makes accepting online tithing & donations for your church/organization as easy as checking your email. In less than 30 seconds donors can set up a one-time gift, automatic recurring donation, and view their giving history. Mobile giving can do all of this and more by providing a donation connection on-the-go!

At the same time, easyTithe provides your staff an array of powerful reporting tools. You can view online giving trends, weekly or monthly reports, and even set up custom reports and campaigns.

More Value

When comparing donation options and costs, how do you ensure you’re getting the most from your system? Simple. Features and best-in-class support. When you have an easy to use solution, more donors give. Time and again we prove to provide more value than competitive solutions that may seem more affordable because of how easyTithe usage affects your bottom line.

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Donors Love easyTithe

Is it even possible to love a web application? We continue to hear just that from hundreds of organizations across the country. We go the extra mile every day to make sure donating to your organization is as easy as checking email.

Over 15,000 churches and organizations trust their online donations to easyTithe. See what people are saying about us!

Proven Results

It's probably asking too much if we asked you to spend an entire hour just to read what real people like you have said about easyTithe. We know your time is precious, so we ask that you at least spend a few minutes reading the reviews of our service. See them here.

  • easyTithe is the Church Office Administrators dream tool! Thank you for making it so easy! We appreciate all the thought you put into this program - thank you!
  • I love easyTithe! So many of our members are using it. It prevents long lines at service and members and give anytime 24/7.
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Stabilizes Tithing Trends

Many churches experience peaks and valleys in giving volume each year. As these tithing fluctuations plague the traditional church, those churches utilizing online tithing and donations show a more stable flow of income year round. Why? The offering plate is in the church, but easyTithe can be accessed at home, on mobile, through texts and at kiosks. That access along with automatic recurring donations can have a huge impact on the bottom line.

Multi-device giving coupled with automatic recurring donations has proven to stabilize and grow overall giving by an average of 33%!

Pays for Itself

Using easyTithe for 1 year costs the same as one average member’s giving for two months.

We know members don’t mean to skip out on donations, but when they are traveling or forget their checkbooks or cash, missing a regular gift can really affect the church. Typically, just two donations from one donor can pay for an entire year’s usage of easyTithe.

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