Giving With easyTithe is Quick and Convenient.

Whether your church is new to easyTithe or you're new to your church. Everything you need to get started with easyTithe Online Giving is on this page.

App Giving example

Give with the App

The easyTithe App is the easiest way to give and conforms to the highest set of security standards in the payment card industry.

  1. Download the easyTithe App to your phone from these links, or search for easyTithe in Google Play or the App Store.

    • Get it on Google Play
    • Download on the AppStore
  2. Once downloaded, open your app and search for your church.
  3. Create a new account if you don't already have one. Follow the simple steps from there to start managing your giving account.
Text Giving example

Give via Text Message (Text Giving)

To give via text message you'll need to get your church's specific text giving number. Just ask your church leadership or administration. This number is NOT your church's standard phone number, so make sure you're texting the right phone!

  1. Text the amount you would like to give to your church’s designated number.
  2. If you are a first time, text-giving donor you will be prompted to visit a secure URL.
  3. Once you click the registration link, you will enter your credit or debit card information.
  4. At this point your donation will process.
  5. You will see a confirmation text showing your donation and registration were successful.

You can find tips for Text Giving, viewing, and choosing funds here.

Web Giving example

Give Online Via Your Church's Website

Most Churches that use easyTithe will have a form on their Facebook page or website that allows you to securely submit tithes, contributions, gifts, or event registration payments.

For more details on this, you'll want to either visit your church's website or facebook page. Generally there will be a button or link that you can follow to make your contribution online. If you're unable to find it, please contact your church administrators for more information.

Is Your Church Using easyTithe?

It's possible that your church isn't aware of the benefits and convenience of its members being able to contribute via electronic payment methods like we've outlined above.

If you think your church might benefit from these sorts of services, we've provided some links below to content that will help you get your church leaders on-board with understanding the benefits of such a service, and how it helps your church achieve its mission and goals.